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Saturday, 7 July 2012

New Pinakothek


Boy, its been a long time since I update my blog. Using term busy-with-homeworks-and-classes as an excuse,  I didn't update my blog. Okay, enough with the crap talk.

I want to show you a few picture during my visit to New Pinakothek or in german word Neue Pinakothek. There are actually 3 Pinakothek, which is Old, New, and Modern Pinakothek but we manage to visit only one part. So, let the picture do the talk!

in Tram

Dividing task. I did the Era of Romantik

Entrance of New Pinakothek

Testing Camera

This picture is wonderful!

Eh? Its that a...

One of the famous kings in Germany

Look how BIG that painting!

My German Lehrerin explaining the Painting.

neu = new
Lehrer/in = Teacher
Gemälde = Painting
Leinwand = Canvas

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